"On Lawn" & On Line Real Estate Auctions


A growing number of Western Australia’s leading real estate agents are appointing us to assisit & support them as our lead auctioneer’s ALL CLASSES licence allows us to also auction real estate.

In past years, Peter Holmes has auctioned – developed & other land – traditionally in regional as well as in Perth areas. Peter also participated 3 times in the early 2000’s REIWA auctioneering championships.

In 2019, Peter become a trained & Certified Auctioneer to be able to support the growing number of leading WA based Certified Openn Negotiation real estate agents & sellers, in the final bidding stage of the innovative online platform developed in WA!

Because Openn Negotiation is defined as an auction, agents require a suitably qualified auctioneer to supervise the process & also sign certain doccuments.

So if you’re an Openn Negotiation agent, then you’d do well to make contact & book a date.

If you’re not an “ON” agent, call Peter to discuss how you can be one!


Peter Holmes | Head of Business Development & Licensed Auctioneer

  • Contactable "almost" 24/7"
  • The Auctioneering Co. (Western Australia)
  • Perth based - servicing regional Western Australia as well.
  • 0402226444
  • pgh@tacwa.biz
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